VW Oil Sludge

VW manual Description: We are writing to inform you that Volkswagen is providing a warranty extension covering certain “oil sludge” related repairs on 1998 2004 model year Volkswagen Passat equipped with 1.8L Turbo engines. Our records show that you are the owner of one of these vehicles.

What is the Issue? Some Volkswagen owners have reported engine component problems resulting from a condition known as “oil sludge.” Engine oil sludge occurs when old, dirty engine oil thickens and cannot continue to provide adequate engine lubrication. This condition occurs primarily when the engine is operated at oil change intervals beyond those prescribed in your owner’s manual, or when oil with lower quality than Volkswagen recommended standard is used.

A vehicle with engine oil sludge may exhibit a constantly or occasionally illuminated Red Engine Oil Pressure Warning light.

Please note that other conditions may also cause this symptom and that the presence of this symptom does not necessarily mean oil sludge exists in your engine.

What Will Volkswagen Do? Afier listening to you, our valued customers, Volkswagen is implementing an extended warranty for oil sludge related repairs for 1998 2004 model year Volkswagen Passat equipped with the 1.8L Turbo engines to 8 years from the vehicle’s original inaervice date without a mileage limitation. This extended warranty is fully transferable to any subsequent owner. This extended warranty does not affect – and is in addition to any other applicable warranty covering your vehicle.


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