VW Passat B5 Timing Belt Replacement DIY – AEB Engine

Description: Scope: Replacement of timing belt and tensioner on a 1.8T (AEB) engined 1999 Passat GLS with Tiptronic. (Your engine may vary.) This post is a refinement of my previous post on the same subject. Volkswagen’s original recommendation on the AEB engine was to replace the timing belt at 105,000 miles (5k after the drivetrain warranty expired…hmmm…). While there have been reports of the original belt lasting 105k or even longer, the likelihood of failure before then and high cost of the resulting repairs have lead many to change the belt (and tensioner) at a shorter interval (typically 60,000 miles).

Disclaimers: (Of course, all the pertinent “tear up your car at your own risk” disclaimers apply.) I assume no responsibility whatsoever for damages that an end user may inflict upon their vehicle, themselves or others using information contained herein. Proceed with caution and care when performing modifications to your vehicle. Be advised that making modifications to your vehicle may void your manufacturer’s warranty. Follow general safety rules for automotive work. Read and understand the entire procedure before attempting this work. Bear in mind that this writeup was done 6 months after the fact, so not all was fresh in mind. Please bring any errors to my attention so I can correct them. Understand that I’m “not’cho Mama”, so don’t come cryin’ to me if you mess up your car!

Most directions referred to in this write-up are those you would see if you were sitting in the driver’s seat (“front” is toward the front of the car, etc.). Bear in mind that photos depicting some operations were taken after the fact. I did not include torque specifications, but any that you may need should be in Chilton/Haynes/Bentley (every Passat owner should own at least one of these, unless they keep their own mechanic on retainer). Please PM me if you find any errors or “opportunities for improvement” in this post! I tried to cover everything, but wouldn’t be surprised if I missed something. BTW, there is now additional AWM-specific info at the bottom of this post.

Flashlight Oil drain pan Bottle of Wite-Out or piece of chalk (for making timing marks) 4”-5” blocks of 2×4 wood (qty 2) (EDIT: Or, if you want to go all-out, you can buy a couple of 1/2″O.D.x4” roll pins from the hardware store to use as sleeves around the bumper bolts, as suggested by Tom aka ms12339.) “Auxiliary Voltage Input Device” (if you don’t want to reprogram your radio stations) Icy cold beverage of your choice (additional disclaimers may apply)

Parts: (These were the prices and part numbers when I bought them. Pricing for kits and individual parts have changed.)

058.198.479 Timing Belt Kit $109.00 058.109.244 Timing Belt Roller $27.00 (not included in most timing belt kits, but replacing it is a good precaution) 5PK-1300 Alt/PS Belt (5-rib) $10.79 4PK-0855 A/C Belt (4-rib) $11.69

I bought my parts for this procedure from ECS because of their reputation and great prices. Tom was a big help, Brian was patient (in spite of my numerous questions), Coleen was prompt in getting me the tracking number…and most of their prices can’t be beat. The timing belt in my kit was a Dayco, 153 tooth (original was a Gates, though made in Germany), accessory belts are Conti’s, downright beautiful looking belts, almost too pretty to hide under the hood!








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